12th November 2023 • Reflektor

  • Doors • 19:30
  • DUB FX


Dub FX, the Australian musician, street artist and social activist, announces his 15th European tour in support of his highly anticipated album “Infinite Reflection”. Set to kick off on September 21, 2023, the tour promises to be a magical experience for European fans.

With his unique blend of live looping, beatboxing and world-class production, Dub FX has gained worldwide recognition for promoting positivity, unity and social awareness through his distinct and powerful lyrics. His forthcoming album, “Infinite Reflection”, celebrates soulful sounds, nodding head beats and positive conscious messaging and is due for release in August 2023.

“Festivals are great but short… in clubs, I can stretch the track list and really take people on a journey! I can’t wait,” said Dub FX. The European tour will see the man perform at some of Europe’s most iconic venues. The tour promises to be a long series of immersive, high-energy live shows that will transport fans into a different dimension.

Don’t miss your chance to experience Dub FX’s Infinite Reflection tour. Tickets are on sale now; more information can be found on the official Dub FX website.