26th November 2023 • Reflektor

  • Doors • 19:30
  • L.E.J.


L.E.J is not only a story about music, but also about friendship.

Lucie, Elisa and Juliette, born between August and November 1993, grew up on the same street in Saint-Denis. They learned music at the same time, at the Conservatory.

Elisa and Lucie were students at the Maîtrise de Radio France, Juliette continued at the Conservatoire de Saint Denis before founding L.E.J. in 2013, as part of a covers competition connected to the group Tryo and the Nuits de Champagne festival.
They won, performed live and discovered they were stage animals. Then they played on the capital’s most emblematic stages, from the Olympia to the Cigale, and at festivals with huge audiences. What’s next?
With a Victoire de la Musique award in 2017 (Best Live Act), covers of summer hits, a debut album, En attendant l’album, a second album of original compositions, Poupées russes, and their latest, Pas Peur, released in June 2020.

On saxophone and vocals, Lucie. On drums and vocals, Elisa. On cello, guitar, bass and backing vocals, Juliette. These multi-instrumentalists have six hands on the score.

Now they are back with Volume II.
The culmination of nine years in the business, two decades of making music and more than a quarter century of being friends.
The trio formed by L.E.J. experienced the hellish rhythm of touring, followed by more contemplative moments when the three girls took the opportunity to unwind and work on an album of covers of French songs: Volume II. The same songs their parents made them listen to, which they sang from a young age, they finally immortalized with brilliant arrangements, true to themselves by retaining the basics of classical voices with angelic harmonies, as well as a ubiquitous cello, and sometimes even a few surprises in contemporary sounds that allude to their lifelong influences: afrobeat, reggae and jazz.
afrobeat, reggaeton, bossa nova, electro…


With her whimsical temperament and gently eccentric appearance, singer-songwriter ESSYLA (Alice à l’envers) is the embodiment of a pop generation with colorful, eclectic funky/groove influences.
Enamored by French songs, she became emancipated and developed her ear by listening to the great singers of jazz, folk, rock and funk. She fell in love with these voices, the groove, the funk, enchanted by American legends…. When not listening to her timeless idols, she sings all the time, with passion and determination.
And that goes well for her, because in 2021 she is a finalist in season 9 of “The Voice Belgium. This led to her performing on many stages as a background singer for a number of artists (Typh Barrow, Ben’do) and lending her powerful, controlled voice to many producers and DJs.
Now she is on her own, offering her own colorful, pop-like, modern and quirky universe mixed with timeless funk/fusion. It is an ambitious project, carefully curated and refined with an eye on an international adventure.