25th October 2023 • OM

  • Doors • 19:00
  • 20:00 • LUIDJI


Luidji is the story of a man who sinks, but rises again. And this first album, Tristesse Business
Saison 1, is really just the finishing line of a winding, dented artistic path.

A dense 17-track project, behind closed doors with the steamy spirit of the south-west Parisian scion,
who also grew up in Aubervilliers and La Courneuve. But before arriving at this album,
Luidji groped his way. It was in the mid-2010s that his name began to create a stir, in the wake
in the wake of his collective La Capsule (featuring Dinos & Beeby). He also made
appearances at the Rap Contenders like many artists of his generation, and later
his emergence by signing with Wagram straight out of college, and a string of two EPs
two EPs: Station 1999 (2014) and Mécanique des Fluides (2015).
After that: 4 mute years of project release, and that twisted feeling of drowning, of being dragged to the bottom
by artistic approximations and relational torments. But this period of floating
on the contrary, it encouraged him to lay the foundations for the rest of his young career.
With his team, they founded the evolving playlist and then the Foufoune Palace Bonjour label, now signed to Universal.
now signed to Universal, embodying the synergy between the rapper and his everyday clan.

On Tristesse Business Season 1, Luidji finally exorcises all his fantasies, whether they relate to
relationships or his existential gamberges. With the simple aim of finally surfacing
and, ideally, to stay there.