12th April 2024 • Reflektor

  • Meule
  • Jean-Paul Groove



3 well-known faces on the Touraine music scene join forces with the curiosity of a
curiosity. The one who wants to explore and understand the psychedelia of King
Gizzard’s psychedelia, those who vibrate to the rhythmic tension of 70’s German Kraut, and those who
that dusts off and modernizes.
A modular vessel sits enthroned between two facing drums, a kind of massive machine
designed for looping conquest and repetitive trance. Twists and turns
melodious songs and heartfelt cries, Meule knows how to preserve, refine and increase
tension with finesse and release.
An invitation to a collective, animal dance that is felt more than thought,
They’re the only ones in control, the listener and the crowd, passengers on this exhilarating space trip!
Meule could be Kraftwerk meets King Gizzard and the Lizard
the synthesis of garage, sequenced electronic music and human imperfection.
human imperfection. Guitar and drums face a wall of modular synthesizers
synthesizers and unite in a hypnotic music, sometimes wild and sometimes
gentle. After a self-titled debut album, the three Tourangeaux sign “Beau Red”,
the group’s second EP, on Figure Libres Records and Luik Music. “Beau
Red” will be released on April 21, 2023.
Gone are the pop formats, with nothing under 7 minutes. It’s on the longer tracks
that the band’s freedom is expressed, giving the same importance to ethereal
ethereal intros and wild, inveterate krautrock.
Long synthetic elucidations where the drums lead to the wild denouement
of a too-long journey on the train of “No couchettes”, to the shoegaze tribulations
the shoegaze tribulations of a rocker lost in his excesses in “Vacuum”, ending with
“Beau Red”, a tale of the end of mankind, where giants finish devouring what
humanity has left behind. This record, “Beau Red”, recalls the transcendental experience
the transcendental experience of Meule’s live shows, to which are added new facets
of the band, who inject their aesthetic with an assumed, collective rage.
From the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges to the Trans Musicales festival, via a
a KEXP live session, 2022 will remain a great year for the band. 2023 promises
with a new EP and a great tour to accompany the release.

Jean-Paul Groove

Beneath its mechanical exterior, Jean-Paul Groove’s music owes nothing to machines or computers. Away from robots, algorithms and tracks generated by artificial intelligence, the Brussels-based trio puts the human at the heart of its creative process. Where bodies dance and interact instinctively. An outlet concocted at the crossroads of worlds, the “Violent Party Music” EP takes the pulse of the times and glimpses other ways of looking at the dancefloor. A punk spirit in a funk body, Jean-Paul Groove revives the original spirit of the rave and is emerging as one of the spearheads of the new Brussels electronic scene.