Opening night: OOOTOKO

4th October 2023 • OM

  • Doors • 19:30
  • RORI & FRIENDS (dj set)
  • 21:00 • OOOTOKO



Men and women gathered at the foot of a giant rising from the dunes.
Under all the suns and moons, they walked.
Some came from wood-covered mountains drowned in mist. Some have traversed the cold steppes of the lowlands, and the ancient cities, and the new towns. Others have criss-crossed lakes and seas, and sought their way through fields of fat grass.
Now the sand slides over the giant’s body and rains down on their shoulders.
Eighteen travelers, with one music as their only luggage.
The music of snake charmers and nomads in mysterious lands.
Music drawn from other sources, other homes, other times.
Music of plains and oceans, stone fields and damp forests.
Carried by the six winds, under every sun and moon.
A thousand grains for a single handful of sand.
They are OOOTOKO.

RORI & FRIENDS (dj set)

Elle bouscule littéralement la scène musicale francophone !

La jeune artiste sera présente à l’OM pour un DJ set exclusif très très cool.