21st October 2023 • Reflektor

  • Doors • 19:30
  • 20:00 • VACRA


VACRA – Between light and shadow.

Mysterious, sudden and full of promise. These are the hallmarks of Vacra’s latest success. With just a few tracks (Plan Séquence, Nunchaku, Mécanique & Tiki Taka) released on unpromoted platforms, the artist’s name immediately caught the public’s interest and raised questions.

With music that borrows from the codes of chanson and rap, and an androgynous voice that leaves doubt about his identity, Vacra is the fruit of his generation. With a music that frees itself from rules, image and genres, he intends to compose with complete freedom and without the slightest concession.

It’s impossible to pigeonhole him, so much so that the artist likes to flirt with hip-hop, r’n’b, Afro or Caribbean rhythms, always with his suave, high-pitched voice.

It’s a skilful way of conveying what motivates his words: the love of women, sensuality and love itself, inspired by his current history, that of his past and that of his loved ones.

While he doesn’t talk much about his rather classical past, Vacra doesn’t hesitate to spend years experimenting alone in the studio, distilling all his influences and fusing them into this unique sound, which he still struggles to describe today: “Ideally, my fans can put any label they want on my music, I’m a jack-of-all-trades and after years of experimentation, the music I release today is probably the best version of myself and what I have to offer”.

A sentence that speaks volumes about the artist and the wave of success he is currently riding. It’s a wave that has arrived in force, and one that wants to put him in the spotlight at a time when he wants to retain the freedom of his anonymity. This anonymity is not the result of a crude marketing calculation: while he knows that one day he’ll have to show his face, for the time being he prefers to let people’s imaginations run wild and project their desires onto his music. All the while, he continues to work on his musical color and identity, which have already made him a unique and original presence on the French music scene.

Vacra will reveal a little more about himself to his public with his first EP, to be released shortly.