1st December 2023 • Reflektor

  • Doors • 19:30
  • 20:00 • HUGO BARRIOL

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Hugo Barriol is a French artist with an atypical musical background. Having begun his career as a drummer in Saint-Étienne, influenced by his musician father, he quickly developed a passion for music. After playing in a French rock band in Lyon and experimenting with duo music in England, he finally settled in Paris and decided to turn to the guitar.
His musical style is influenced by artists such as Bon Iver, Patrick Watson and the Lumineers, and he has naturally adopted the English language for his compositions. Inspired by the film “Into the Wild”, Hugo decided to move to Australia for an authentic adventure with his best friend, where he began playing his own compositions in the subway. After returning to France, he continued to play in the Paris metro, gaining increasing recognition.

His talent was spotted by a producer, which eventually led to the signing of his first contract with the Naïve label in February 2017.
Hugo Barriol has since released his debut album, “Yellow”, recorded in London, and toured across France to meet his audience.
However, the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to his concerts in March 2020, forcing him to confine himself to Paris. Deeply determined, Hugo took advantage of this period to become a producer, recording his own songs from home with minimal equipment.
In February 2021, Hugo and company bought a van and converted it into a van, marking the beginning of a new chapter of adventure.Hugo embarked on a three-month journey through Spain, Portugal and Morocco, where he finalized his second album, “Everywhere / Anywhere /”, recorded on board his van. His new songs, such as “Catching the Light”, “Need More Time” and “Paradise”, reflect his musical evolution, mixing folk, pop and electronic sounds while remaining true to his artistic sincerity.
In this way, Hugo Barriol continues to explore new musical horizons while remaining connected to his audience through his passion and commitment to music.