RIVE + Liminal space

14th November 2023 • Reflektor

  • RIVE
  • Liminal Space


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Liminal Space


Following their debut album “Narcose” (2019), which saw RIVE make a name for themselves at prestigious festivals in Belgium and perform in France, Switzerland, Quebec, Brazil and China, the Brussels-based duo, made up of singer Juliette Bossé and producer Kévin Brieuc, are releasing their second opus “Collision”.

Always in French, the lyrics of the eleven tracks explore and expose the contradictions of each individual, in relation to contemporary issues. Redrawing the contours of the love relationship, reaffirming and rethinking one’s freedom, allowing oneself to “dream big” as a woman, setting out and conquering new territories – these are just some of the themes addressed. The production, in the tradition of “Narcose”, retains its originality, giving pride of place to orchestration to better contrast with Juliette’s soft, sensitive voice. This second album, mixed by Lionel Capouillez (Stromae), is accessible, dynamic and elegant, as evidenced by the choice of guest featuring artists: pianist Sofiane Pamart and Swiss singer Sandor.


Liminal Space

Liminal Space est un duo Indie Rock/Electronica de Liège. Leur musique explore des sonorités organiques et synthétiques. Des grooves de guitare puissants fusionnent avec des beats électroniques, des textures et des instruments, se nourrissant mutuellement des mélodies délicates et obsédantes, créant un hybride sonore unique. L’intimité exposée dans leurs morceaux est cadencée par une vision lumineuse de la vie que viennent sporadiquement ébranler des états d’âme plus tourmentés.